Scout Programs

Community groups such as cub scout, boy scout, girl scout, cadet and GEMS have used our education staff to help their leaders teach a variety of topics. There is not a set curriculum for leaders to choose from, rather we have a range of natural history, cultural history and conservation topics that our staff are capable of teaching to a group. We like to teach by using hands-on experiences so that children can enjoy the processing of learning. 

When speaking with one of our naturalists to schedule a program with your scouts, we will ask what objectives you have for the experience. Leaders are welcome to share documents or criteria they are using in order to receive a badge or merit.

  • Ideal group sizes are 15-25 children with accompanying adults
  • Groups larger than 50 participants may not be able to do all activities and/or require a higher fee
  • Some activities are limited by age, group size or both
  • All materials will be provided for programs unless indicated upon registration of a program

See the list of program themes that can be included in your scout experience below:Searching for Snow Fleas

Birds of Prey

Bird Study

Vertebrate Animal Groups

Insect Study

Wetland Study

Endangered Species

Nature Discovery Hike

Michigan’s Native Americans

French Voyageurs

Archery – 10 years old and up to participate

Snowshoeing – 8 years old and up to participate (must be 4 inches of snow on the ground)

Ice Fishing – ice conditions dependant ($10 bait fee if bait not provided by group)

Fishing ($10 bait fee if bait not provided by group)

If you are interested in scheduling a program for your group, please contact the office, 616.393.WILD (9453) or

PROGRAM FEE: $5.00 per participant, minimum $100 group fee